Pembroke is a new kind of public relations agency, consistently delivering high value to businesses and to the press.

Client Testimonials

“They have a very smart business model, making clients comfortable that their money is being spent wisely. Pembroke gets media relations and has good, senior people on the phones.”
Teri Franklin, Former PR Manager, Avenue A, Inc.

“I love the people I work with and I’ve known some of them for over a decade. Pembroke has an interesting range of skills and the agency excels in team flexibility in staffing and load balancing. I don’t see things falling through the cracks and I feel like Pembroke is a champion of my business.”
Shelly Julien, Vice President, Strategic Communications, NetMotion Wireless, Inc.

“I’ve worked with Pembroke for more than seven years and there is no other PR agency that even compares. They deliver superior buzz and they are pure PR oxygen.”
Wendy Boehm, Brand Manager, Windows Client, Microsoft Corporation.

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